"Lederkoralle" created their own and unique style called "Subwater Beats". A mixture of Wonky Beats (like J Dilla or Flying Lotus do), Jazz (for the improvisation part) New Music and Indian Music (for the complex rhythm), IDM (for the freaky Aphex Twin like sounds) and Electronica (for the floating melodies and chords).
The Trio was founded 2008 in Dresden/Germany. Since 2016 Max Santner (drums, fx) and Felix Henkelhausen (double bass, fx) joined the band around Joachim Wespel (guitar, fx, comp).
Their debut called "Ausflug" was released on (Unit Records, Bern/CH) in 2015. After this more jazzy album the next and more bouncy release will be in 2018.
All three musicians are member of the same named subculture crew "Subwater Beats".

"...geil, als ob die Vinyls von Aphex Twin und Flying Lotus von einer Band live gespielt werden..."
Loop Motor (live loop artist)

"...auch Jazzfreunde, die vieles schon kenn, werden hier neue Entdeckungen machen können..."
Jazz Podium (DE)

"...erfrischende und unvorhersehbare Hörfarben..."
Jazz'halo (BE)

"... mit einem eigenwilligen Klangkosmos..."
Jazz'n'more (CH)